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Arbre Waxes are one of the best waxes used in Beauty Therapy. They are gentle on the skin and have little skin reaction. Strip wax is used on large areas and Block wax is used on smaller areas like facial waxing. Bikini waxing cleans up the appearance along the pants line. G-string wax goes further while Brazilian wax removes all hair from the pubic region. You will be asked to sign a consent form prior to treatment that explains possible treatment reactions and explains homecare requirements. Before any waxing you are advised not to moisture your skin and you are recommended to use exfoliating gloves or a riffi mitt on your skin to remove dead skin cells. This will also give your skin a healthier glow and better skin function.

You should also moisturise you skin daily after waxing, especially with Tea Tree Lotion as it is antibacterial. These recommendations help with preventing ingrown hairs.

12-48 hours after any waxing you must follow this advice:

No sun baking or solariums

Do not use depilatory creams

No chlorinated pools or spas

No deodorant (underarm waxing)

No hot showers or baths

No fake tan creams

No perfumed body lotions

No exfoliation treatments

No facial makeup

No heat treatments (sauna)

It is recommended to wax regularly between 3 to 8 weeks.

Eye Treatments

Eyelash and Brow Tinting

No need for mascara and brow pencils when you tint.

Tinting semi-permanently colours your hair which gives your lashes a thickened appearance and accentuates your eyes. 

Colours available are blue/black, black, dark brown, light brown, chestnut and grey.

  • Please advice if you wear contact lenses as these will have to be removed during the tinting process.
  • If you have a sensitivity to hair dyes, it is advisable to have a patch test 24 hours before tinting to ensure against any possible skin reaction.

Eye Brow Shaping

Give your face some character by shaping your eye brows either by tweezers or waxing.

Eye Lashing Perming

Throw away those eye lash curlers and treat yourself to beautifully curled lashes.

The curl in the lashes can last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks long. The processing time is only 20 minutes so the whole treatment is over in 30 minutes.


Swedish massage is relaxing and relieves pain. It soothes the nerves and stimulates the blood and lymph flow. Tight muscles are relaxed, scar tissue is broken down and adhesions are reduced. Massage also increases the function of your digestive system among many other benefits.

Please let me know if you suffer from any of the following conditions:


Acute gout

Contagious skin conditions (rashes)

Inflammation and swelling

Advanced pregnancy



Cuts and abrasions

Varicose Veins


High Blood Pressure

Grapeseed and Lavender Essential Oil is the massage oil used in all massage treatments. If you are allergic to lavender or suffer from depression, please let me know.

Essential oils are also used during massage to help with various problems.

Aromatherapy Full Body Message

For an ultimate relaxation treatment that you deserve, treat yourself to 2 hours of pampering.

The treatment starts with foot reflexology. Your feet are bathed in warm water with essential oils and rose petals.

Reflexology works on the theory that each area of the body is reflected in the feet and hands and by applying pressure to particular areas of the feet and hands, the corresponding areas of the body can benefit.

A full body Swedish massage then follows, then a facial massage which includes the neck area and finishes off with a scalp massage. At the end of the treatment you will float home.

Lymphatic Draining Massage

The lymphatic system filters wastes and toxins from our bodies. When our bodies are fighting infections the lymph nodes can become overloaded therefore becoming swollen and sore. Another cause is our stressful lifestyle. Stress can clog up our lymphatic system also so it is essential to regularly have a lymphatic drainage massage. A Lymphatic Drainage Massage once a month ensures your lymphatic system is working efficiently.

The massage is performed on the whole body but only takes approximately 40 minutes.

Essential oils that benefit the removal of toxins and wastes from the body are used during the massage.

Body Treatments

Body Scrub and Body Wraps Body scrubs exfoliate the dead skin cells from the body which leaves the skin functioning better, gives a smoother appearance and improves your circulation.

Body wraps have a number of effects on the body, depending on the ingredients used. These include healing skin problems, toning and tightening the skin, improving circulation, alleviating muscle and joint pain, detoxifying the body, assists in breaking down fatty tissue and general well-being.

It is important to advice if you suffer from low blood pressure or are pregnant.

After any of these treatments, it is important for you to drink lots of water. This helps with the detoxification process through the natural elimination system of the body. Lotions and creams should be avoided for a few hours after treatment.

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and Pedicures not only improve the appearance of your nails but also have the following benefits: nourishing, stimulates your circulation, relaxes your muscle while you enjoy the complimentary massage and reduces fluid retention.

Express Manicures/Pedicure includes cutting the nail (if necessary), filing, buffing, cuticle treatment, foot file (pedicure only) and polish.

Regular Manicure/Pedicure includes cutting, filing, buffing, cuticle treatment, hand/foot massage, foot file (pedicure only) and polish.

Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure includes cutting, filing, buffing, cuticle treatment, foot file (pedicure only),exfoliating treatment, hand/foot massage and polish.

Super Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure includes cutting, filing, buffing, cuticle treatment, foot file (pedicure only), exfoliating treatment, hand/foot massage, paraffin wax treatment with luxurious body butter and polish.

Add On's to treatments can include Hot Oil treatment for very dry cuticles. This involves soaking in warmed oil.

Foot Reflexology Add on during the foot massage is the ultimate way to relax and help stimulate better bodily functions.

Facial Treatments

At You’re Worthy Beauty Salon two skin care ranges are available for facial treatments:- 2B Bio Beauty and MiSMo.

2B Bio Beauty is a beautiful skin care range made in Belgium in Europe. It is full of natural products and is available for your purchase at the salon.

MiSMo is a wonderful natural, mineral rich skin care range containing MSM, a natural source of organic sulphur present in every cell of the body.

MiSMo is suitable for all skin types but excellent for sensitive and problem skins. Anti-ageing treatment at its best.

MiSMo has no parabens, proplyene Glycol, Alcohol, Mineral Oil or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. MiSMo is made in Queensland, Australia.

All products used in facial treatments will be suited to your individual skin type.

Express Facial includes cleansing, toning, skin analysis, exfoliation, facial steaming and moisturising.

Traditional Facial includes cleansing, toning, skin analysis, exfoliation, steaming, massage, masque and moisturiser.

Deluxe facial includes the same as a traditional facial but adds a paraffin mask to infuse the moisturiser deeply into the skin.

Anti-ageing facial includes everything in a Tradtional facial but finishes with the 2B Bio BeautySerum and 2B Cocoon are infused into your skin with a Thermo mask.

MiSMo Firming Facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steaming, massage, firming masque, Rejuvenating Gel and Moisturiser. Good for all types of skin except people with egg white allergy.

MiSMo PHP Purify, Hydrate & Plumping Facial includings cleaning, toning, exfoliation, steaming, PHP mask, massage, Rejuvenating Gel and Moisturiser.

Deluxe MiSMo Facial includes cleaning, toning, exfoliation, steaming, PHP mask, massage, Firming mask, Rejuvenating Gel, Vit ACE Serum and Moisturiser.

2B Bio Beauty  skin care products are available for purchase at the salon.

Face Peels

2B Bio Beauty Face Peel - First in the ACT

2B Bio Peeling is an original microdermabrasion technology. It allows a quick, easy and natural treatment without complex equipment.

It eliminates superficial skin blemishes and gives you back a young and radiant look.

You can either have one treatment for drab or worn out skins or as a remedy to open pores. Results may be noticeable even after a short time following the treatment. 2B Bio Peeling products further the production of collagen and favour the fading-out of large or small wrinkles.

For a cure you can have one treatment each week for 4 weeks, ideally in spring and autumn. Packages paid in advance save you $80.00.

It is recommended you purchase 2B Bio Beauty products to support your newly refreshed skin. It is essential to use a sun screen after each peel as the skin is more susceptible to sun damage.

2B Bio Beauty products are available for you to purchase for your skin homecare.

Ear Candleing

Ear Candles are a gentle and relaxing way to clean your ears. They work simply by utilizing the vacuum that is created within the candle by the burning flame.

Ear Candles are not a new invention. Asian and tribal cultures alike have been using them for centuries.

Ear Candles treat blocked ears, sinus problems, tinitus, glue ear and swimmers ear.

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